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Products of quality come from companies of quality. Established in 2008 with over a decade's experience in gift design and production, Perfect Gifts Hong Kong presents an array of excellent designs and collections of corporate gifts, with the spirit of Hong Kong. Purchase our products, you can experience both our quality service and products with satisfaction.

We are the authorized dealer of several top brand companies of stationery/writing instruments including Parker, and Waterman. Also we represent a brand company, which is all the way of Hong Kong design, "ThePerfect”. Its franchise is only given to Perfect Gifts Hong Kong Ltd

只有成功的企業,才能做出優質的産品和服務。Perfect Gifts Hong Kong Ltd 於2008年創立,結集了十多年來累積的設計和生産經驗,為香港各大機構公司設計及製作了各類匠心獨運的商務禮品,配合各大企業和機構獨特的型格和風采。選購我們的商務禮品,不單只代表著支持香港品牌和精神,更可襯托出貴企業和機構獨特的品牌和光芒,打造成功的旌旗。

我們擁有多個國際知名品牌的代理及銷售權(包括 PARKER,WATERMAN),專心發展商務禮品,配合各大機構客戶之需要,提供高水準服務。此外,我們擁有冠以香港設計品牌,及以香港設計師風格的水晶品牌“ThePerfect”,為獨家銷售及發行之商務水晶禮品。

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